👋 Documenting what I learn and thoughts on what I might learn next.

🌱 Hobbies: Swim/Bike/Run, gardening, space, sustainable strawbale construction

🧑💻 I’m currently learning alot about: nvim using Kickstart as my text editor and TMUX to manage my SSH session. The Online courses I am working on are Python/django, Go and Data Analitics, SQL for Data Science and TestOut’s course for Network+ cert.

💞️💻 Tech Goals: I’m looking to collaborate on creating a real time interactive webpage/app that can showcase a train/hyperloop system and journey for cargo and passangers. Build an API and learn how to monitise APIs. Project: Rasberry PI to become a air monotoring station with Python.

🗺 Random fact: I love Civilization 1.

Other goals

I normally write about the big goals I have but some smaller goals are: Learn how to do pull ups. Read more about stoic philosophy in my new book. Bike out to Parker and go to Fika. Start seeds. Sign up for marathons next year. Go see a Starship launch Try and do more boot.dev and Head First Go book. Attend more open air events this summer. Learn how to play golf, tennis, pickle ball....

May 26, 2024 · 1 min

Post Vacation

Well I am back from vacation and totally didnt work on anything via a computer but rather tried to be in the moment and take things in. Some goals for next couple weeks: Perhaps sign up for a instructor run Network+ course… Do the UX/UI of the game. Do more online stuff like make a merch store for the game. I am looking forward to a straw bale workshop that I signed up for, but need to make a youtube channel and make some videos to then start up Coorie Home again....

May 17, 2024 · 1 min


I am too tired to write a post, going to bed.

April 28, 2024 · 1 min

Getting back to backend dev

I am taking a break from Python… for some reason its hard… and I am skipping to learn my command line. I am glad I am getting better at grep and file paths like Absolute vs Relative. I think these short breaks are good but I also feel bad that I am avoiding python… as I eventually want to start GO. Also I forget that after Python I will then start to learn JavaScript…...

April 17, 2024 · 1 min

Vacation study

Thinking of what I will do over vacation time and when not running and traveling. Some things: online studies. the game. YouTube Some things that are not so work related are: Pools and swim more Yoga classes Fitness classes Bike ride in Copenhagen Go to a cooking class Otherwise, it will be busy. Also, I am looking forward to just working on things that I want to work on and getting Jira items out of the way....

April 15, 2024 · 1 min