👋 Documenting what I learn and thoughts on what I might learn next.

🌱 Hobbies: Swim/Bike/Run, gardening, space, sustainable strawbale construction

🧑💻 I’m currently learning alot about: nvim using Kickstart as my text editor and TMUX to manage my SSH session. The Online courses I am working on are Python/django, Go and Data Analitics, SQL for Data Science and TestOut’s course for Network+ cert.

💞️💻 Tech Goals: I’m looking to collaborate on creating a real time interactive webpage/app that can showcase a train/hyperloop system and journey for cargo and passangers. Build an API and learn how to monitise APIs. Project: Rasberry PI to become a air monotoring station with Python.

🗺 Random fact: I love Civilization 1.

Post Vacation

Well I am back from vacation and totally didnt work on anything via a computer but rather tried to be in the moment and take things in. Some goals for next couple weeks: Perhaps sign up for a instructor run Network+ course… Do the UX/UI of the game. Do more online stuff like make a merch store for the game. I am looking forward to a straw bale workshop that I signed up for, but need to make a youtube channel and make some videos to then start up Coorie Home again....

May 17, 2024 · 1 min


I am too tired to write a post, going to bed.

April 28, 2024 · 1 min

Getting back to backend dev

I am taking a break from Python… for some reason its hard… and I am skipping to learn my command line. I am glad I am getting better at grep and file paths like Absolute vs Relative. I think these short breaks are good but I also feel bad that I am avoiding python… as I eventually want to start GO. Also I forget that after Python I will then start to learn JavaScript…...

April 17, 2024 · 1 min

Vacation study

Thinking of what I will do over vacation time and when not running and traveling. Some things: online studies. the game. YouTube Some things that are not so work related are: Pools and swim more Yoga classes Fitness classes Bike ride in Copenhagen Go to a cooking class Otherwise, it will be busy. Also, I am looking forward to just working on things that I want to work on and getting Jira items out of the way....

April 15, 2024 · 1 min

Spring is here

I have not been studying and I have not been working on any project as I have been focusing on pretty much work and running. I feel like I am cramming for a test in getting ready for the marathons. I wish I had started running a bit earlier this year and traing like in the last blog post with incrimental daily runs. Otherwise I feel like I am pretty fit and will just survive marathons at lower altitude....

April 14, 2024 · 2 min