👋 Documenting what I learn and thoughts on what I might learn next.

🌱 Hobbies: Swim/Bike/Run, gardening, space, sustainable strawbale construction

🧑💻 I’m currently learning alot about: nvim using Kickstart as my text editor and TMUX to manage my SSH session. The Online courses I am working on are Python/django, Go and Data Analitics, SQL for Data Science and TestOut’s course for Network+ cert.

💞️💻 Tech Goals: I’m looking to collaborate on creating a real time interactive webpage/app that can showcase a train/hyperloop system and journey for cargo and passangers. Build an API and learn how to monitise APIs. Project: Rasberry PI to become a air monotoring station with Python.

🗺 Random fact: I love Civilization 1.

Video Game Music

I really like my video game music. Whether it was Civ 1 or 2 or later or Doom soundtrack or newer games, its just wonderful. I often listen to it when working out and I sometimes think people don’t often listen to this great music as they do not play any games. I also like listening to DR.DK/LYD and SR.SE and used to listen to BNN.FM and ShonanBeachFM. Otherwise I just love it and am so glad there are such great songs out there....

July 11, 2024 · 1 min

Straw next week

I am really looking forward to a straw bale work camp next week where 30 or so volunteers will help fill in the insulation of between the frames with straw. I am just so happy that I signed up for this so long ago. I think I am more happy in that I am doing things I want to do and going after dreams and things that I want to go after....

July 10, 2024 · 1 min

Cross roads

Well in getting back to study, I am now wondering whether to continue with Network+ or go with CCNA. Main reasons for this is that I feel the CCNA is a bit easier to learn. The study materials just make more sense. Also, I am not liking the CompTia Network Plus study materials but rather CCNA by Wendell Odom. A couple more cross roads are: Buy mountain bike or continue with road bike....

July 7, 2024 · 1 min

Professional development price

I re-upped with Testout and paid for all their course cataloge. Not only is Network+ top course but ohers like Linux, Cyber, and Hybrid Server. I am glad I signed up even though if feels expensive. I am also glad to be writing this post on a steam deck. just need a better keyboard as the shift button is so small on the right. I should be sure to take the cert tests, but I am glad to be a life long learner....

July 5, 2024 · 1 min

Everyday habits

Sitting on the poach and listening to Danish Radio’s classical music channel. I am thinking about white clouds in the sky and how the sun is setting and that I have not just looked up into the sky watched clouds move. I am really glad I purchased while in Heathrow the book on “The Daily Stoic” which has 365 lessons. I read alot of it on the plane and also coded alot of go on the plane and talked to someone who was a volunteer wild land firefighter....

June 25, 2024 · 2 min